♦ Permits and Fees

Zoning Permits:
Zoning Administrator, Will Young (802) 715-3077 (please leave a message) or email: westfieldzoning@gmail.com

  •  Zoning Permits are required prior to any construction, reconstruction, conversion, structural alteration, relocation or enlargement of any building or other structure, any mining, excavation of landfill, and any change in the use of any building or other structure, land, or extension of use of land and division of land.  New driveways require a curb cut permit (see below).  The Zoning Administrator can assist you in understanding Westfield’s Zoning Bylaws and help you determine if a Zoning Permit is required by the Town. He can also direct you to State agencies that may require a permit in your particular situation.
  • Zoning Applications may be dropped off at the Town Clerk’s office along with the associated fees. 
  • Click here for the Zoning Application 1-8-24; Zoning Application Instructions (updated 12-13-21); and Zoning Application Flowchart (12-13-21)
  • Cost is $55.  If a public hearing is required add an additional $150. See the second page of the Zoning Application Instructions document for the complete list of fees associated with Zoning Applications. 
  • Click here for the Zoning Compliance Certification (updated 4-13-21). The cost is $45 (includes recording fee).

Residential Driveway (Curb Cut) Permits:

  • To acquire a Residential Driveway Permit Application contact Road Commissioner, Eric Kennison at (802) 673-5648 or the Town Clerk’s office at (802) 744-2484.  A Driveway Permit is required before a property can be given a 911 address.  New entrances, exits or changes of usage of an existing driveway onto a state highway requires a state permit.  Contact the Town Clerk office at (802) 744-2484 for more information about this process.
  • Click here for Driveway Permit Application & Instructions-Adopted 9-11-17

Water and Sewer:

  • A Zoning Permit is required for a well.  Contact the Zoning Administrator at (802) 715-3077 for more information. Sewer permits are issued by the State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Department of Environmental Conservation (see the State Permit links below).


  • A Zoning Permit is required for a pond.  Contact the Zoning Administrator for more information. 

Burn Permits:

  • Burn Permits are required. Contact Fire Warden Jim Crawford at 802-673-6953 for additional information.
  • There is no fee for a Burn Permit.

Excess Weight Permit: 

  • Uniform Municipal Excess Weight Permit.  Click here for Excess Weight Permit
  • $5 if only one vehicle, $10 for more than one.
  • Annual permit needed with updated liability certificate with list of trucks on the road.

State Permit Links: