♦ Licenses & Certificates

Contact the Town Clerk’s Office for additional information, 802-744-2484.

Dog License

  • Dog Licenses are due by April 1st each year.  All dogs 6 months of age or older are required by Vermont state statute to be licensed.  Proof of rabies certificate is required for licensing.
  • License fee on or before April 1:  Spayed/Neutered $9; Unspayed/Unneutered $13
  • License fee after April 1:  Spayed/Neutered $11; Unspayed/Unneutered $17
  • Special License:  $30
  • Kennel Permit:  $10
  • A Rabies Clinic is held each March at the Westfield Community Center, 59 North Hill Road.  Visit the Calendar Page for this years date.  Westfield dogs may be licensed during the Rabies Clinic.  The Rabies Clinic is open to all communities.
  • Dog Licenses are issued at the Town Clerk’s office, 38 School Street, Monday – Thursday 8 am to 4 pm. For more information call 802-744-2484.

Fish and Game Licenses

Liquor License

  • Any establishment that will be selling/serving liquor is required by Vermont state statutes to have a Liquor License.  Contact the Town Clerk for more information or visit the State of Vermont website at www.liquorcontrol.vermont.gov/licensing/forms.

Tobacco License

Civil Marriage License, Death and Birth Certificates

  • Vermont residents marrying in Vermont must purchase Civil Marriage Licenses in the town which one of the residents resides.  Non-Vermont residents marrying in Vermont may purchase a Civil Marriage License from any Vermont Town Clerk’s office.  The cost is $60 plus $10 for each certified copy.  Click on this link to view: Getting Married in Vermont
  • Death & Birth Certificates are filed in the town of residence.  Westfield records are open to the public during regular business hours at the Town Clerk’s office, 38 School Street.  Certified copies are $10 each.