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at the Westfield Town Garage
757 Vt. Route 100, Westfield, VT 05874

♦  2024 Hazardous Waste Schedule

The Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District and the Westfield Recycling Center have some exciting news to share!

Starting Saturday, December 3rd, the Westfield Recycling Center will now be accepting #6 Expanded Polystyrene Foam (Styrofoam) for recycling! For more details visit the town’s website www.westfield.vt.gov/recycling-center/.

This means you can recycle items including clean and dry foam coolers, packaging, egg cartons, and meat trays. You can recycle foam of any color and any size (yes, even black foam!). There is no size limit so PLEASE DO NOT BREAK UP YOUR FOAM BEFORE RECYCLING (it can be a little messy!) We are accepting only RIGID #6 EPS foam.

Unacceptable foam items include any foam that is flexible (EPS foam is rigid and breaks into small plastic beads when broken). We are not accepting any pool noodles, packing peanuts, pipe insulation, or foam insulation board.

Visit the Waste Management District’s website www.nekwmd.org/eps-foam-recycling to see a WXAC news recording of the NEKWMD’s foam recycling process, and to find more information about the foam recycling program. If you have questions, call the NEK Waste Management District at 802-626-3532 or email outreach@nekwmd.org


  • Effective immediately, no lithium batteries over 300 wattage hours are accepted at Westfield transfer station. E-bike batteries are an example of a high wattage battery we would not accept at the station. Please contact NEKWMD at 802-626-3532 for information on how to recycle these particular batteries.
  • Effective immediately, we no longer accept tires from commercial businesses.  
  • Plastic caps must be removed from plastic containers before placing them in the recycling bin.  Please help us avoid a $150 contamination penalty fee by making sure your plastic is rinsed out before recycling it.  Your help is appreciated.

The Recycling Center is open on Saturdays, 8 a.m.  until noon. All communities may utilize the recycling and trash services. 

Reminder: Trash may only be dumped on Saturdays 8 am to Noon. Please do not leave recyclables outside the Recycling Center bay after-hours. Security cameras are functional.

    Trash disposal on Saturdays 8 a.m. to Noon ONLY. Exact change is appreciated.                  
              13 gallon $2.50                    
              30 gallon $4.00                      
              50 gallon $5.00
    Large items accepted on Saturdays 8 a.m. to Noon ONLY.
            Twin Box Springs $10.00
            With Metal Frame $12.00
            Mattress sizes: Full $17; Queen $21.00; King $26 (Pillow Top +$3.00)
            Loveseat $16.00
            Small Couch $25.00
            Full Size Couch $30.00
            Sleeper Sofa $35.00
            Recliner $16.00
            Toilet $16.00
    Tires accepted on Saturdays 8 a.m. to Noon ONLY.

    14″ – 15″ tires without rims $5.00/each*
    16″ – 18″ tires without rims $7.50/each*
    19″ – 20″ tires without rims $8.00/each*
    Sorry, larger tires NO LONGER ACCEPTED.        

        *Prices are subject to change without notice.
        *Tires with rims $10.00/each.
        Effective immediately, we no longer accept tires from commercial businesses.

  • STEEL BIN: You may bring steel and place it in the steel bin at no charge, any time during the week. Steel is the property of the Town of Westfield and MAY NOT BE REMOVED FROM THE STEEL BIN. The Town sells the steel to help fund the Recycling Center, lessening the tax burden on town residents. 
  • COMPOSTING: You may bring composting materials, free of charge, at any time during the week. Stickers MUST BE REMOVED from fruits/vegetables. No plastic bags (not even recyclable ones) are to be placed in the composting bins. Please cover your compost materials with a thin layer of sawdust after depositing in the bin. 

For more information contact the Town Clerk’s Office Monday-Thursday (802) 744-2484.


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Did you know  Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District (NEKWMD) offers maple tubing collections, clothing drop and swaps, bulky days and bicycle swaps? Visit www.nekwmd.org/calendar.htmlfor collection dates and times. 

Act 148 Universal Recycling Law information can be found at www.nekwmd.org.

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