♦ Welcome ♦ Westfield Town Announcements ♦

♦ UPCOMING SELECTBOARD AND BUDGET MEETING:  The next Selectboard/Budget Meeting will be held on Monday, January 25th to finalize the budget and approve the Australian ballot for Town Meeting voting.  Due to Covid-19, this meeting will be held electronically via Zoom or by dialing in on the phone. The agenda will be posted on the Meeting Minutes/Agendas page the Thursday before the meeting. Zoom login credentials will be posted on the Agenda. 

If you experience problems entering the meeting, please call the Town Clerk, LaDonna Dunn at 802-744-2484 or 802-673-9001 (cell) for assistance.


Attention Westfield Voters: You will be receiving a postcard shortly explaining changes to 2021 Town & School Meeting Day. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, there will BE NO IN-PERSON TOWN & SCHOOL MEETING DAY ON MARCH 2, 2021. All votes that would normally take place from the floor on Town & School Meeting Day will take place by Australian ballot in 2021.  Visit the Town Meeting-Election page for more details or click on this link: Town Meeting Day Information Postcard Mailed to Registered Voters 1-14-21

To run for a Town Office in 2021, please return a Consent of Candidate form to the Town Clerk by 4 p.m. on January 25, 2021.  You must be a registered Westfield voter to run for an elected Town position. See below for a list of open Town and School seats as well as the required consent form. Act 162 waives the signature requirements for nominating petitions for 2021 BUT the Consent of Candidate form is mandatory.  

  • Town Seats Open for Election in 2021: Auditor (to fill 2 years of a 3-year term); Auditor (3 years); 1st Constable (1 year); 2nd Constable (1 year); Delinquent Tax Collector (1 year); Lister (to fill 1-year of a 3-year term); Lister (3 years); Selectperson (3 years); Town Clerk (3 years); and Town Treasurer (3 years)
  • School Seats Open for Election in 2021:  Jay/Westfield Joint School District Treasurer (1 year); Westfield School District Treasurer (1 year); North Country Union High School Board Member (3 years); and Westfield School Board Member (3 years)
  • Click here for: Consent of Candidate Form (must be returned to the Town Clerk by 4 p.m. on Monday, January 25, 2021 for the candidates name to appear on the Australian ballot)

There will be a Town Informational Meeting on Thursday, February 25th at 6 p.m. via Zoom (log-on by computer or phone). The Informational Meeting is your opportunity to ask questions about the articles being voted on by Australian ballot. Selectboard members and the Treasurer will be present to answer questions about the budget.

The Vermont Legislature enacted special Covid-19 legislation authorizing the governing body of each municipality to determine the best way to hold Town Meeting in 2021. Be sure to check with your Town Clerk to see if your town if postponing Town Meeting, holding it on March 2, 2021 or voting all articles by Australian ballot.

Westfield School District articles traditionally voted from the floor on Town Meeting Day will be voted by Australian ballot in 2021. There will be a School District Informational Meeting on Tuesday, February 23rd at 6 p.m. via Google Meets (log-on by computer or phone). The Informational Meeting is your opportunity to ask School Board members questions about the articles being voted on by Australian ballot.

Westfield residents may call the Town Clerk, LaDonna Dunn, at 744-2484 with questions or to request an absentee ballot. To view past Town Reports visit the Town Meeting-Election Info page of this website. 

Be well….stay safe!


The Town of Westfield produced a Housing Needs Assessment. The assessment inventories existing housing conditions and explores housing needs now and in the future. Specifically, we examined redevelopment ideas at the Scenic View site, the 25-unit residential care home that closed in 2018. A public presentation was held on January 12th at 6 p.m. 

If you were unable to attend the public meeting, but want to provide input, you can:

  • watch the video on YouTube of the meeting (link posted above)
  • send an email to townofwestfield@comcast.net with the subject line “Housing Assessment”
  • leave a voicemail message with your thoughts at 518-300-1627.
  • Please provide input by Tuesday, January 26th

This project is funded by a Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development Municipal Planning Grant and is being produced by Camoin 310, an economic and community development consulting firm.


Pursuant to Title 24 VSA §4464 there will be a Continuance of aPublic Hearing before the Town of Westfield Planning Commissionand the Board of Adjustment at 6 p.m. on Monday, January 25, 2021 (Continued from January 11, 2021) Online via Zoom (computer or phone in options) to consider the following:

  • An application by Mark and Marielle Demuth to seek approval to subdivide into four (4) lots and construct a warehouse at approximately 2100 VT Route 100. The property is in the Rural/Agricultural District. The subdivision of a property into four or more lots requires Site Plan Review by the Planning Commission.

  • Click on this link to view: Demuth Zoning Application and Supporting Design

  • Visit the Meeting Minutes/Agendas page/click on 1/25/21 Planning Commission Agenda for Zoom login credentials 

Please be advised that participation in this public hearing is a prerequisite for the right to file an appeal. For more information contact the Zoning Administrator at westfieldzoning@gmail.com.


Adopted at the December 7, 2020 Selectboard meeting, this position statement in accordance with the Federal Law.

Selectboard Position Statement Regarding Americans with Disabilities Act


Due to the recent surge in Covid-19 cases, the Selectboard has determined, for the safety of all, the Town Office and Library are closed to the public effective immediately. Town operations are up and running behind the scenes, but in-person transactions will be limited to those of a critical nature and by appointment only. The vault is accessible by appointment.

Town business will be conducted via phone 802-744-2484, email @ townofwestfield@comcast.net, fax 802-744-6224 or by sending a private message on Facebook at Town of Westfield, Vermont.All requests will be responded to as soon as possible during regular business hours, Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Per the Governor’s request, town officials will be working remotely as much as possible.

The Recycling Center will continue to be open every Saturday, 8 a.m. until Noon. Masks and social distancing are required.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work through this challenging pandemic. Please check the website frequently www.westfield.vt.gov and Like Us on Facebook for updates.

Be well and stay safe this holiday season.

Westfield Selectboard: Yves Daigle (Chair); Jacques Couture; & Anne Lazor
Westfield Town Clerk: LaDonna Dunn
Treasurer: Mary Lou Jacobs
Listers: Danny Young (Chair), Scott Dunn and Scott Dean

♦ 2020 ATV PERMITS:  The Town of Westfield is NOT REQUIRING ATV PERMITS FOR THE 2020 SEASON. Reminder: The season begins on May 15th through November 15th. Hours:  8:00 am to 9 pm. ATV’s are permitted on town maintained portions of roads only. The road map and ordinance are below.


  • RECYCLING CENTER: The Recycling Center is open every Saturday from 8 a.m. until noon. Come with your masks and gloves and PLEASE adhere to the 6′ social distancing practice. Exact change is requested for trash fees. You must sort your own recyclables to minimize everyone’s exposure. The number of people inside the Recycling Center will be monitored by the attendant to ensure 6′ social distancing. All communities may utilize the recycling center and trash services. 
  • PLASTIC CAPS:  Effective immediately, PLASTIC CAPS MUST BE REMOVED from plastic containers before placing them in the recycling bin. Please help us avoid a $150 contamination penalty fee by making sure your plastic is rinsed out before recycling it.  Your help is appreciated.
  • TRASH: Trash is accepted on Saturdays ONLY 8 a.m. to Noon. Camera surveillance is operational. Exact change is appreciated. 
    • Trash Fees 
      White bag $1.50
      30 gallon $3.00
      50 gallon $4.00
  • STEEL BIN: You may continue to bring steel and place it in the steel bin at no charge.
  • PLAYGROUND CLOSED: For everyone’s safety, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the playground remains closed to the public until further notice.  
  • TENNIS AND BASKETBALL COURTS: The tennis court is open. Please bring your own equipment. The shared equipment has been removed at this time due to the high touch surfaces. The basketball court is open for hoop shooting. Scrimmaging is not permitted to ensure 6′ social distancing.

Please note, there will not be a porta-potty available at the recreation area this year due to COVID-19 CDC guidelines. 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Please contact us if you have questions.

Westfield Selectboard: Yves Daigle, Jacques Couture & Anne Lazor
June 22, 2020


The mealsite will be suspending service until further notice. We will post when we have news of the reopening. Thank you for your patience. Any questions, please call the Town Clerk office at 744-2484. 


  • Jay Area Food Shelf:  Serves Jay, Westfield, Lowell, Troy and North Troy.  Every Thursday, 9am – Noon at the Jay Town Hall.
  • Need a Mask?  Email jayfocusgp@gmail.com
  • Free Books.  Jay Town Hall porch. M, T, Th 7 am-4 pm.  Wednesday 7 am – Noon.  Inside Westfield Town clerk office and inside Lowell Town Hall, Mon-Thurs  8 am – 4 pm.

♦ DOG LICENSES:Dog licenses are due by April 1st each year.  All dogs 6 months of age or older are required by Vermont State Statue to be licensed.  Proof of rabies certificate is required for licensing.  License fee on or before April 1:  Spayed/Neutered  $9 ,  Unspayed or unneutered,  $13.  License fee after April 1:  Spayed/Neutered $11 ,  Unspayed or Unneutered $13. 

Dog licenses are issued at the Town Clerk’s office, 38 School Street,  Monday thru Thursday 8 to 4.  For more information, please call 744-2484.  _______________________________________________________________________________________________2♦2019 TOWN REPORTS AVAILABLE: Stop by the Town Clerk’s office, the Westfield General Store or the Westfield Post Office to pick up a copy of the new Town Report or click on this link to view an electronic version. 


Town officials, in conjunction with the towns Regional Planning Board, Northeastern Vermont Development Association (NVDA), recently began work on an updated Hazard Mitigation Plan. We are seeking input through a community survey. Paper copies of the survey are available at the Town Clerks office, at Town Meeting or the online survey may be completed by clicking this link: http://www.nvda.net/westfield

Your input will help us insure we mitigate potential hazards in our community. If you wish to participate on the committee, please contact a Selectboard Member (Yves Daigle, Jacques Couture or Anne Lazor) or the Town Clerk’s office at 744-2484.

Westfield Hazard Mitigation Informational Flyer

The Town of Westfield was recently awarded Village Center Designation by the Department of Housing and Community Development. For full details click on this Press Release Link-Westfield Village Center Designation 9-2019

Click here to view the Selectboard resolution

♦ SELECTBOARD CHANGE OF MEETING DAY/TIME: The Selectboard will now meet the third Monday each month for their regular monthly meeting (previously the second Monday). The time has also changed from 6 p.m. to 5 p.m. Contact the Town Clerk if you would like an item on the agenda.

♦ VT TAX INFORMATION: Click on this link forVT Dept. of Taxes-FAQs Tax Time.  The document includes links for VT Department of Taxes forms.

♦ NOTICE TO HOMEOWNERS: Homestead Declaration are to be filed each year by every Vermont resident whose property meets the definition of a homestead. A Vermont homestead is the principal dwelling and parcel of land surrounding the dwelling, owned and occupied by a resident individual as the individual’s domicile on April 1. If your homestead is leased to a tenant on April 1, you may still claim it as a homestead if it is not leased for more than 182 days in the 2019 calendar year. Vermont Tax Booklets are available at:
  • Download fillable PDF forms from the web at www.bit.ly/vttaxforms
  • Order forms by email: tax.formsrequest@vermont.gov
  • Order forms by phone at (855) 297-5600 (toll free in the U.S.) or (802) 828-2515 

Visit the Property Taxes Page for additional property tax information.

Westfield has two FREE WiFi Hotspots:
Westfield Community Center and
the Hitchcock Museum & Library with
accessibility in the parking lots or 
inside the buildings.
No password required.

Westfield Community Center, 59 North Hill Road


Hitchcock Museum and Library 1252 VT Route 100

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 Town Offices: 38 School Street, Westfield, VT 05874
Phone: (802) 744-2484 ♦ Fax: (802) 744-6224
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LaDonna Dunn ♦ Town Clerk 
Heather Johnson & Karen Blais,  Connie LaPlume (alternate)
♦ Assistant Town Clerks

Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Mary Lou Jacobs ♦ Treasurer
Office Hours: Wednesday 8 a.m.-2 p.m. and by appointment

Cover photo by LaDonna Dunn: A Wintery View of the Westfield Village